TC Lasky Associates, Inc. is in the facts business. Our aim is true: we target fraud, perform due diligence, prepare clients for litigation, defend against questionable insurance claims, and perform all of our investigations with the aim of getting the facts, plain and simple.

Professionals need to be sure that they are equipped with the right information. With over 43 years experience, TC Lasky Associates gets that information quickly, quietly, appropriately and with maximum efficiency.

Serving New York City metropolitan region, upstate, out-of-state,
and internationally in special cases.

Established 1976.

Private & Commercial Investigations
Due Diligence
Insurance defense against fraud
Support team for law firms, financial institutions, corporations, insurance companies
Background Research
Asset Searches and Financial Viability
Litigation Support
Pre & Post Employment Screening
Witness Location & Interviews
Criminal Defense
And More

There are many investigators of varying quality, but in over thirty years of practice we have never found anyone who surpasses the performance of Terry Lasky. Our firm takes many cases to verdict, and having Terry on our team has prevented many ugly surprises at trial, as well as allowing us to have the full perspective on what witnesses and documents will best advance the cause of our clients. His methods are cutting edge, and it is a question of how his insight will help us in each case, not whether it will."
– John L.A. Lyddane, Partner
Martin Clearwater Bell LLP

"I would feel perilously unprepared for trial without Terry Lasky's research."
– Glenn W. Dopf, Kopff, Nardelli & Dopf

"Responsive, cost effective personal service and great results. I have not been able to duplicate that combination elsewhere and have stopped trying!"
– Robert Batterman, Esq., Proskauer Rose

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